Founded in 1997, DSMAC Group is a crusher and sand making machine manufacturer with a complete line of crushing, grinding and screening equipment. Our equipment can be used in the mining, building materials, metallurgy, transportation, coal, chemical, and environmental protection industries.

Limestone Crushing Plant

Limestone Crushing Plant

Limestone Crushing Plant

Limestone crushing plant

Limestone crushing plant is the mining equipment designed for limestone processing during the crushing process. Limestone is widely used in industries like steel metallurgy, paper making, rubber, plastic, fodder, tooth paste and make up and is one of the most important industry raw materials. DSMAC designs the high performance limestone crushing plant for limestone crushing solution.

As crushing industry developed, there are several kinds of limestone crushing plants like jaw limestone crushing plant, cone crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher and limestone mobile crusher (like limestone mobile jaw crusher).

Limestone crushing process

Limestone is the important industry and construction raw material, in which it is usually in small size. Limestone is the raw materials of lime, concrete, glass, calcium carbide and can be widely used in steel metallurgy, paper making, rubber, plastic, fodder, tooth paste and make up industry, etc.

During limestone crushing process, which is the key step to make full use of limestone, there are three kinds of limestone crushing plants: primary limestone crushing plant, secondary limestone crushing plant and tertiary limestone crushing plant.

Limestone is crushed into small size sand or powder during the process as follow: Limestone stump materials were feeding into primary limestone crushing plant (usually jaw crusher and impact crusher), in which these derrick stones get crushed into smaller size stones, by vibrating feeder continuously and evenly. Then belt conveyors translate the worked limestone into secondary crusher (usually cone crusher, European jaw crusher and hydraulic impact crusher) and finally get out as sand size limestone. The third step is optional and only some special industry it will happen, like paper making, rubber, plastic, fodder, tooth paste and make up industry, in which limestone sand is produced as tiny as powder.

DSMAC limestone crushing plant

As the leading crushing plant manufacturer in the world, DSMAC supply high performance limestone crushing plant to use in the limestone crushing solution. DSMAC stone crushers have been proven to be the best selection of limestone crushing plant. Since the year 1997 DSMAC was founded, we were trying to develop new and better crushing equipment. Now DSMAC has developed limestone crushing plants including limestone hammer crusher, limestone mobile jaw crusher, limestone cone crusher and limestone impact crusher.

DSMAC limestone crushing plant advantages

1. DSMAC limestone crushing plant can effectively handle the large amount of moisture content of materials, to prevent the blockage of the phenomenon of Crusher.

2. Back-breaking not only for soft materials also applies to very large hardness of limestone materials.

3. Limestone crushing plant can be easily adjustable and flexible discharge particle size, a wide range of adjustment.

4. DSMAC Limestone crushing plant provides higher capacity, the best products grain shape, and easy to control, with the greatest reliability and flexibility for the users really create more value.

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